Richard Duning & Madeline McMurray: Dream & Image

These images have been created from the dreams of two artists working together.

Each painting includes one dream from Richard Duning and one dream from Madeline McMurray.

V: Windows and Priest

Richard's Artist Statement

My art is about going as deep as possible, treating the process as archaeology of the soul, and working with the communication of the collective unconscious, my shadow, and symbols that speak to me as medicine toward balance and healing. I? very involved with Jungian psychology as related to personal development, dreams and intuitive discoveries.

The technique of bringing two dreams, from two dreamers, together in the same painting has been another step in my creative soul work. It seems to me that art and intuition involve a somewhat shamanistic approach to using dream images to bring about understanding, awareness and healing for my own being. I have no doubt that this is a practice that is helpful on a cultural level as well. Madeline McMurray and I have been friends for over 20 years, and we often discuss topics of self-awareness and the archetypal psyche. We are both fascinated by the power of images and their importance to our personal and collective development.

Beginning in 2006, she and I began to explore painting together on the same sheet of paper, at the same time. Our agreement and understanding was that we would use our dreams to guide us. We began by talking about specific dreams and then, very intuitively, we start setting them down on a single sheet of paper. The dance begins and slowly, with authenticity and excitement, the two dreams begin to weave themselves together, it is wonderful!

Madeline's Artist Statement

I have worked with dreams and art for over thirty years and am continually fascinated by the power of imagination and creativity to enliven the human spirit. Dreams images are the territory of soul and have been the essential ingredients of my becoming. Art, like nature, holds the revelation of our deeper inter-connections and it seems only natural to extend my twenty year relationship with Richard Duning into a co-operative expression of our dreams. Over the years of participating in “Dream Tending” seminars I have often heard Stephen Aizenstat say: “A dream loves a dream.”

In a conversation with my friend Richard we came up with the idea of painting our dream images together. We agreed that this would be an interesting possibility and met in Richard’s studio over a number of months to see what might happen. At first we had to determine our method. We decided to bring our dreams together, in the same painting, to see how our images might interact.

These dream paintings are our honoring of dream images as material of soul going beyond personal interpretations, and extending into a shared territory of being more fully human through relationship to paper, paint, person, and psyche. In this work we have realized how freely dreams speak to one another, not only our own dream to our own dream, but our dreams to one another dreams, as the voice of a shared consciousness. The world of dreams holds unknown possibilities of healing and imagination flowing from soul to soul. This process of shared art and dream work has been challenging, playful, insightful and full of life.

Copyright © 2013, Madeline McMurray & Richard Duning, All Rights Reserved.